R2V Creates 3D DEM or Grid from Contour Maps

Creating a 3D DEM Is Easy Using R2V

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  • Auto Vectorize your contour/topographic map using R2V.
  • Label the contours.
  • Select File/Create 3D DEM or Grid to create the 3D file. R2V supports the standard USGS DEM format and the ASCII grid file format.
Drape An Image to 3D Surface
  • Open the 3D DEM or Grid file to display in R2V.
  • Open the image (any image, including a map, aerial photo, or  satellite image) you want to drape on the 3D surface.
  • You can use Image/Crop Region to select the proper image region to cover the 3D surface.
  • Choose File/3D Data/Image Drape to display the image on the 3D surface. You can then change the view angle and perform an animation 
Export 3D Model
  • Export 3D to STL for Printing a Physical 3D Model in Monochrome.
  • Export to VRML for Printing a Physical 3D Model in Full Color.
  • Export to VRML for visualization over the Internet. Simply download a VRML plug-in for your web browser and then click  to see an example.
  • Export to XYZ Formats



For information please contact R2V Benelux Reseller Gravotech BV.

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